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Welcome to BirdMine, a film production company focused on elevating socially driven films.


For BirdMine, the name and logo are everything.

The name combines two things near and dear to the heart of the co-founders: family and journalism.  Kody Leibowitz’ mother passed away in November 2006. She loved the character Woodstock from the Peanuts™.  


The second half of the name? It is a play on words from the famous  saying (and real world use until 30-plus years ago) “canary in the coal mine.” A “canary in the coal mine” is an early indicator of potential danger or failure. The tiny caged bird would warn coal miners of carbon monoxide or other harmful gases. The saying has evolved over the years: the warning before the serious danger. 


In journalism, you are taught to listen, to research and to vet sources. But you don’t want to miss the warning signs. You don’t want to miss the people alerting trouble ahead before it is too late. 

The original logo was designed by Allison Norlian's mother. ​

We are BirdMine.

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